Members of the MyMeds&Me team regularly participate in life science events across the world. Our CEO and management team are often invited to present to industry colleagues on the company, the Reportum® solution and current topics in the pharmacovigilance, clinical development and software development fields.

Using risk-based approaches across the product lifecycle to simplify, standardise & enhance the collection of safety data

21 September 2016

Dr. Rut explores the product lifecycle and reviews the areas of pharmacovigilance focus and opportunities for improvement for each: • Clinical studies – Maximising intelligence based on limited data • New to market – Establishing safety profile • On Patent Product – License maintenance • Off Patent / OTC – Efficiency and automation

Addressing an Evolving Drug Safety Landscape - Moving from passive to active pharmacovigilance

20 April 2016

Pharma and Biotech organizations are facing growing challenges from the rapidly developing pharmacovigilance landscape and demands for the collection of more relevant safety data. These factors, combined with the pressure of cost containment, demand that life science organisations consider different approaches to the traditional, largely manual PV processes. A risk-based processing approach introduces a highly effective and efficient process to manage drug safety, ensuring quality data is collected across the portfolio, from newly launched to established products.

Addressing the Challenges of Safety Data Collection in Clinical Studies

13 April 2016

MyMeds&Me CEO Dr. Andrew Rut led a roundtable discussion at the Oracle Industry Connect event in Orlando. This discussion brought pharmacovigilance and clinical research experts together to discuss how to ensure that important safety data is captured at time of reporting and how processes can be dramatically improved through the use of technology solutions.

Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety & Risk Management 2015 - Driving Risk Management through Intelligent Intake Technology

02 December 2015

MyMeds&Me CEO Dr. Andrew Rut presents the case for driving risk management through intelligent intake technology. Andrew outlines how pharmacovigilance professionals can move from passive to active PV fuelling better decision-making.

pvTech London Meeting - Managing an end-to-end Pharmacovigilance system

05 November 2015

MyMeds&Me CEO Dr. Andrew Rut explores how technology can help address the challenges facing Pharmacovigilance teams. He reviews how the latest intake technology can influence end-user experience and effectiveness, as well as internal value & efficiency.

Applying Technologies Across PV Processes to Increase Compliance and Quality

29 October 2015

MyMeds&Me CEO Andrew Rut and Oracle Health Science's Director of Safety Analytics, Michael Braun-Boghos review the positive impacts of technology on current pharmacovigilance processes.

Debating the Future of Spontaneous Reporting

20 April 2015

MyMeds&Me CEO Andrew Rut proposes the debate motion, “With the changes in society and increased use of electronic media, the role of the health professional in Yellow Card reporting will be diminished” at the MHRA Scientific Conference in Edinburgh - this year commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Yellow Card reporting scheme.

Oracle Safety Connect Europe

03 December 2014

Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO, MyMeds&Me presents the company and the Reportum adverse event capture solution at the Oracle Safety Connect Europe meeting that took place in Berlin from 3-4 December 2014.

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