Empower your team with tools, knowledge & support to transform process efficiency and data quality

Ensure consistent and accurate data collection by giving your operators the standardised tools, processes and support they need. Easy-to-use, quick to deploy.

Key Features & Benefits

Whether for a Power user or one who is more intermittent, Reportum is designed to meet your requirements, delivering quality & consistency.

Consistent intake tool for all users

By using a universal standard data quality can be improved, and opportunities for process enhancement easily identified

Local language collection, minimised translation

Allow your Staff to collect data in local language without massive translation burden

Complete data collection

Surface appropriate additional questionnaires based upon product and event requirements for additional collection in-line. Less follow up, less cost.

Risk based report review

Assign rules for report review based upon Reportum user, product category and seriousness

Simplify reconciliation processes

By using one collection tool for multiple report types reconciliation between systems and groups can be automated saving time and money internally & externally.

Simple methods to manage Personal Information

Reportum enables configuration of fields and redaction based on local privacy laws

Proven, Scalable Platform

Reportum® is a trusted and secure digital platform founded by a team with deep domain expertise in drug safety and software engineering

Proven Tech: High volume global use by Top10 Pharma
Highly Scalable: Hosted on AWS Cloud infrastructure
Future proof: Continuous industry driven development

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What our clients say


“Our selection of Reportum reflects our commitment to streamline our call handling processes with state of the art electronic solutions.”

Rob Goodwin, Vice president of Pfizer Global Product Development, Pfizer

How you can use Reportum

Reportum is dynamic, configurable and is fully responsive with availability online or offline

COVID-19 Medicines & Vaccines

Streamline safety monitoring through a simple, self-service solution

Direct Reporting

Enable patients and Healthcare Professionals to report adverse events and product quality issues directly through your website

Medical Representatives

Enable Medical Representatives to capture adverse events identified during interactions with medical staff

Patient Support Programmes

Ensure adverse events are captured in a consistent manner while meeting timelines for Regulatory reporting