Improve control of your pharmacovigilance intake process

Transform safety data capture through a centralised solution that provides standardised data across all intake routes, increases efficiencies, and accelerates safety insights.


Highly scalable global pharmacovigilance platform

Transform the capture, management & processing of adverse event, drug safety & product quality complaint data

Highly scalable global pharmacovigilance platform

Increase Standardisation

Enable global consistency through a centralised solution for all intake sources

Highly scalable global pharmacovigilance platform

Increase Efficiencies

Streamline processes, automate transfer and reduce follow up

Highly scalable global pharmacovigilance platform

Accelerate Insights

Accelerate analysis of individual or aggregate safety reports

Capture the right data, first time

Intuitive, empathy-driven interface
Simple, local language system connecting with all types of reporters supported by dynamic questioning to guide users and ensure key data is collected right first time across all intake channels.

Standardised case data
Consolidate the full process onto a single platform for all sources, with instream coding and consistency checks.

Any device, any time
Highly available cloud infrastructure with online/offline capability ensures data can be entered anywhere, at any time.

                                                            Capture the right data, first time

Streamline pharmacovigilance processes

Highly configurable platform that enables deployment in line with company branding, workflows and portfolio requirements.

  • Automated workflows
  • Auto-translation (all MedDRA languages)
  • Auto-distribution & redaction
  • System notifications
  • Complete audit trails across vendors and systems

                                                            Streamline pharmacovigilance processes

Seamless integrations

Seamlessly transfer data between systems to optimise the end-to-end pharmacovigilance process.

  • E2B (R2/R3) transfer into safety databases
  • Auto reconciliation of reports
  • Integration with upstream and downstream systems

                                                            Seamless integrations

Enhanced visibility and control

Implement a centralised solution across all intake routes to increase data visibility and drive faster signal management.

  • Real-time access to reports
  • Enhanced KPI tracking and management
  • Complete audit trail
  • Data available immediately for regulatory reporting and analysis

                                                            Enhanced visibility and control

Reportum Quickstart

Preconfigured and verified out-of-the-box platform for rapid implementation and cost-effective deployment

  • Rapid Setup - Ability to deploy in weeks
  • Affordable Pricing - Simple and fixed pricing structure
  • Full SaaS Offering - Low ongoing management requirements

                                                    Reportum Quickstart

Proven, Scalable Platform

Reportum® is a trusted and secure digital platform founded by a team with deep domain expertise in drug safety and software engineering

Proven Tech: High volume global use by Top10 Pharma
Highly Scalable: Hosted on AWS Cloud infrastructure
Future proof: Continuous industry driven development

Transform Drug Safety Capture

Reportum is a fully configurable drug safety reporting solution, supporting adverse events and product quality complaint intake across all channels, languages, and reporter types

COVID-19 Medicines & Vaccines

Streamline safety monitoring through a simple, self-service solution

Direct Reporting

Self-service solution to simplify reporting for patients and HCPs

Medical Representatives

Simplify safety reporting on-the-go for field-based staff

Call Centres & Affiliates

Streamline AE, PQC & MI call handling operations

Patient Support Programmes

Standardise safety data collection across all vendors & regions

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