Adverse event and product quality data capture made easy


What is Reportum?

The Reportum solution is an intelligent, intuitive, web-based solution for all reporters providing a simple, standardised method of capturing adverse event and product quality data at source. Reportum is delivered via SaaS, enabling easy and quick deployment.

The Reportum solution delivers rapid access to accurate, complete and standardised safety data for the earliest detection of safety or quality issues.

How it can be used

Local Deployment

Local Deployment

Using Reportum for local business operations and call centres ensures consistent company processes, high quality data and a clear, complete audit trail.

Direct Reporting

Direct Reporting

Deploying Reportum can harness rapid access to complete and standardised safety information directly from consumers or healthcare professionals.


Increase efficiency

Standard data collection irrespective of source or phase of product lifecycle ensures quality, consistency, scalability & compliance.

Improve analysis

Targeted data collection, that drives improved analysis of emerging safety issues and benefit-risk profiles.

Increase operational effectiveness

Reduction of manual case processing and reconciliation minimises errors and ensures resource focus on high value understanding of product profiles.

Data transparency

Immediate availability of safety data ensures trust and transparency to consumers, regulators and compliance teams.

Security & Compliance

All data collected and sent using the Reportum solution is protected by the highest levels of physical security, software and process security. Hosted in an ISO27001 certified facility and backed by an expert support team with full disaster recovery – eliminating the possibility of data loss. The Reportum solution has been built to comply with EU data protection legislation and supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Security & Compliance

“Our selection of the Reportum solution reflects our commitment to streamline our call handling processes with state of the art electronic solutions.”

Vice President, Pfizer Inc

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