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11 January 2016

Making the Transition from Passive to Active Pharmacovigilance

In preparation for my presentation at Pharmadanmark, I have been documenting the growing pressures on life sciences and the rapidly developing Pharmacovigilance landscape. I believe there is an imperative need to move from manual to automated PV processes to respond to these changes and to deliver higher levels of compliance & improved quality.
By Dr Andrew Rut
31 March 2015

Debating the Future of Spontaneous Reporting

At first glance, receiving an invitation to mark an important MHRA milestone with esteemed industry colleagues in Edinburgh sounded like an excellent opportunity to catch up with pharmacovigilance and regulatory colleagues. Edinburgh is just a short flight from London and the city is steeped in history, culture and science. How could I say no?
By Dr Andrew Rut
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World #DrugSafety USA panel at 2:10pm to discuss patient-centred #pharmacovigilance- how do we empower the patient?

#Pharma companies at World #DrugSafety USA, get in touch to see how Reportum integrates your #pharmacovigilance tech

Looking forward to World #DrugSafety USA keynote panel discussion on use of #app tech in #pharmacovigilance at 10am

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