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MyMeds&Me was founded in 2011 by Pharma industry experts. We simplify adverse event reporting and product quality data capture and improve analysis. Our team of experts, we have developed Reportum, a solution that transforms the end-to-end pharmacovigilance process. Users of Reportum see the immediate benefits; efficiency and effectiveness in process automation; simple and rapid access to  data; accelerate early detection of safety or quality issues.

Where we’re headed

We’re passionate and driven about what we do, and together we’re confident we’ll achieve our ambition to be the industry standard for the capture of adverse event and product complaint reports from whatever source and whatever phase of the product lifecycle in every country in the world.

Where we’re headed

A dedicated team of experts

The Reportum solution wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge, dedication and determination of our innovative team. A diverse and enthusiastic group, we’re constantly striving to create simple solutions to complex problems in the life sciences industry.

A dedicated team of experts

Working with the world’s biggest organisations

A number of Top 30 Global Pharma organisations are already benefiting from the streamlining that the Reportum solution offers. And we’re constantly forging new relationships with organisations who want to improve their processes.

Our partners

We’re recognised as innovators and industry leaders in the pharmacovigilance and life science arena. Maintaining active partnerships with other industry-leading solution and service providers ensures we’re best placed to deliver benefit and optimisation to pharmacovigilance operations.

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